3D Printing and FabLab Team Leader: Julio Castro


a.k.a. Emma Music. PHP Laravel and PostgreSQL web site. For music study and follow and register your practive. Social app, let you share notes with your teacher and classmates. Lab environment. [...]


Computer Vision relative projects. Team Leader: Julio Castro


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies ideas. Team Leader: Gerardo Ratto


Big Data SOON!! Team Leader: Jorge Hirtz


Live sport score, realtime statistics and relative data Team Leader: Sergio Rodriguez


IOT device for processing monitoring and alarm. SOON!!! Team Leader: Julio Castro


Pre sale system mobile offline and sync. AKA Preventa. It Includes and mobile App and a backend. The complete solution point to sales people getting orders offline using your phone and then send [...]


Cloud Service for data and syncronization. The user design data at a web application where defines the data organization and syncronization rules. STATUS: Under development. xGem Member Access [...]

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