Cloud Service for data and syncronization.

The user design data at a web application where defines the data organization and syncronization rules.

STATUS: Under development. xGem Member Access only.


  • Client iOS/Android
  • Geolocalization: Whay? When? routes management.
  • Picture: Capture & Sync
  • Scan QR/Barcode
  • Document transformation (excel, pdf)


  • Push Notifications (single/broadcast)
  • Integration Hub
  • MQTT
  • NIFI
  • IoT


  • SSL,oAuth2
  • Social Login
  • Share on Social networks  or email
  • Fingerprint


  • Data model by configuration
  • Document DB
  • Sensitive data collections
  • Client consume configuration from Backend
  • Auto Sync per colección
  • Backend “multiple” project
  • Reporting
  • RESP API / export data
  • Reduced data collection for mobile performance.


Team Leader: Sergio Rodriguez

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